How to Energetically Accelerate Business Growth

Mar 17, 2022 | Entrepreneurship, Intuitive Intelligence

Written by Lisa LaJoie


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As business owners, we face obstacles in our work every day.  When the problem is overwhelming, it is not uncommon to favour a particular outcome and skew your actions in favour of that outcome without objectively looking at all possible results; this can cause great disruption in your growth.  

A more effective strategy is to objectively look at the whole picture and determine where the energetic obstacle is found.  As a business intuitive and metaphysical mentor, I’ve developed elite strategies using my innate intuitive ability to detect the source of the barriers and offer intuitive insights and actionable ways to unblock them energetically.  

After reviewing the facts, the financials, and having in-depth conversations with the business owners, we clean up the energy leakages in a business. Once identified, we can focus on how to repair the situation to be primed for growth. 

Often business owners are blinded by their proximity to a problem.  Working closely within a situation day in and day out, you can be influenced by excitement, frustration, or tunnel vision.  After years of experience working with top-level executives, I am confident in providing proven strategies that garner results. The joy in my work is I have been able to save my clients millions of dollars in revenue and navigate the challenges they encounter with these strategies.  


What is the Process to Energetically Unblock Obstacles?

In my view having a trusted go-to source in a business community to bring clarity to life-changing business decisions should be a top priority in every business. All teams should have a process that provides data-driven proof and undeniable results that ease business owners. This is why I provide the intuitive angle because knowing they have all angles covered even the unknown future challenges is critical to a business owner’s success.

My process includes: 

  • Review the business challenges
  • Energetically identify the blockages
  • Supply data-driven solutions for business growth
  • Correctly identify the validity of business opportunities 

Read more about what my Business Consults include here”.


Which Business Decisions Benefit from Energetic Work?

Many aspects of business benefit from working with energy. With over ten of experience, “I have been able to support my business owners and entrepreneurs in making a significant difference in these areas:

  • Hiring
  • Re-organizing
  • Promotions
  • Assemble groups
  • Working with partners
  • Business Investment Opportunities
  • Expansion and Downsizing

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you as a business owner had a heads up about your potential opportunities for success, or dangers, of a future business decision or bad partnership? Over the years of my work with clients supporting their growth and prosperity, this is what they tell me is the most valuable part of our work.  

I believe in making business life easier by understanding how the present is creating the future. As busy entrepreneurs, it is not easy for you to see it all when so invested. That is why I love to help using my unique forensic approach to help powerful leaders just like you accelerate their business growth.

Look, I know as a business professional you need clarity; you need solutions that can be tested and reviewed before any final decisions are made instead of winging it. Learning more about this work and how to access your own intuitive intelligence will help you understand the power of energy and uplevel your business game.

I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurs discover their limitless possibilities

Here to your prosperous business!


Lisa Lajoie is a celebrated Business Intuitive and Metaphysical Mentor and Coach.  Lisa assists business owners and leaders to reach their highest potential with her proven methods and intuitive gifts.  Lisa offers Coaching, Event Retreats and Courses and is a sought-after Speaker. Contact Lisa at to learn how to live your most fulfilling life energetically.  



Lisa LaJoie

Lisa LaJoie is a highly sought-after Master Intuitive for Entrepreneurs and CEO’s who want intuitive guidance to solve complex business problems and accelerate their success. Lisa guides her clients to help them receive wisdom and opportunities to live their lives with clarity, purpose and abundance.

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