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Personal guidance from an intuitive advisor with thirty plus years experience to answer your  life questions and support you in hitting your life targets.

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Intuitive Guidance 

A LIVE, 60-Minute Intuitive Consultation with Lisa, to connect to the guidance awaiting you, to empower and transform your life struggles into solutions. This session can include any of the following experiences:

Attain Intuitive Guidance On any Subject

Align With Your Soul Purpose

Understand Life Challenges

Review your life’ energy and future potential

Seek where your life is headed and find new directions

Intuitive Intelligence on any Life Direction

Guidance on your Relationships

What is your Soul's Purpose

Receive powerful messages from spirit and find your path to healing

Clairvoyant Channeling Find Quick Clarity

Astrology Session

A LIVE, 1.5 Hour Session with Lisa, she will guide you through your astrological chart, bringing clarity to your nature, soul-utions and alignment with your true manifestation powers. This session can include any of the following experiences:

Know your destiny and design it

Receive clarity, answers and strategy for business success

Discover Your True Self and your most powerful ways to manifest

Understanding Your Soul Purpose

Know the Challenges you came here with

See new possibilities and connect the dots

Manifestation of Plans + Potentials

Energy clearing + alignment

Raise your awareness of the reason you came here

Intuitive Card Readings

Using Astrology To Line Up Your Goal-Setting

A LIVE, 30 Minute Session with Lisa, where Lisa guides you through a tarot and oracle card reading. This session can include any of the following experiences:

Answering Your Life Questions

See whats coming in the future

Tune in with your Future potentials

Understanding Life Challenges

Get Solutions That Create Results

Life Direction/ Relationships Help

Energy clearing + alignment

Questions answered on Love, Career, Healing

Ready to play with Spirit ?

Unlocking Your Quantum Mindset with Mentoring 

On this path, we will uncover the patterns and limiting beliefs you used to cope in previous lifetimes.  In our sessions, I will use a combination of Mindset Techniques, Intuitive Interrupt, Energy Release Work, Forensic Analysis of your Energy Matrix, Tapping and Practice Tips. 

Using the right technique for your particular situation, we will release you from patterns that are no longer serving you.  Once you are released, you will be free from self-imposed restrictions and fear.  By interrupting your patterns and removing your limiting beliefs, we will unleash your power to fulfill your heart’s deepest desires.

Understand The Guidance 

Gain the confidence to make decisions in your everyday life. I am honoured to be your truth teller for the soul. Our work together will help you:

  • Manifest your deepest desires by unblocking your energy and aligning yourself with your true purpose

  • Navigate the next best steps for your business strategy

  • Get clarity to make personal and professional decisions confidently

  • Become free from self-imposed restrictions and fear

  • Know your destiny and design it with intuitive guidance

  • Receive powerful messages from spirit and find your path to healing

"Wow! I am blown away at the clarity I received from my session about my heart-centred biz!"


Lisa helped me pretty much create almost week to week how to help my clients more efficiently and start creating a strategy to serve my clients better. It was SUCH an enlightening and much needed session! I am so excited to work with her more to skyrocket my purpose and fulfillment in serving others!

Vanessa Simpson 

I have come to understand that rising to full potential...


and blossoming into greatness takes a community of cheerleaders, advisors, coaches and friends. It is not easy to overcoming obstacles on your own. I am infinitely grateful to Lisa LaJoie for being this mentor to me. Lisa is a master mind. The encouragement and wisdom she has shared with me over the years has given me wings and courage to travel further than I thought possible.

Jen L

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