The Sacred Pull Of Crystals Is Undeniable

Jun 20, 2022 | Entrepreneurship, Intuitive Intelligence

Written by Lisa LaJoie



How much do you love crystals? They are so magical, aren’t they? There is no denying it – these brilliant stones are such an incredible part of our world.

One of the most amazing things about crystals is they talk to us even if we don’t know anything about them. You have likely seen a crystal on someone’s desk or in a store and were unconsciously drawn to the absolute beauty of its magical power. What was happening was that the crystal was speaking to your body and Soul, lighting you up from the inside. Do you want to have more of these experiences? The answer is YES!



Not only are crystals gorgeous to look at, but they also have properties that will help you heal, energize, clear negativity, breathe easier, love deeper, and dare to follow your purpose.

Each crystal has unique properties and has a different offering for its owner. When you are attracted to a particular crystal, it is for a specific reason. It is calling you to it to help you in the capacity that you need at that moment. What a magnificent gift Mother Nature has given to us.



These magical, opulent stones are here to serve. That’s right – they are here to work with us and help us achieve our highest intentions. The way to use a crystal to its maximum potential is to assign your crystals a purposeful job rooted in a pure intention. This is how you live in harmony with your crystal. Assigning a clear and precise job allows the stones’ properties to ignite, assisting you on your journey to self-discovery, self-compassion, or self-fulfillment.

Follow these steps to ignite the power the crystal holds deep inside:

  1. Get familiar with your crystal – touch it, look at it and take it in
  2. Put your crystal in the sun for 24 hours to wash away any energy that it carries with it
  3. After the 24 hours, embrace the crystal into your life
  4. Give your crystal a purposeful job by telling it your intention – and meaning it!
  5. Make sure the job works with the stone’s properties
  6. Place your crystal in a special place where you can admire her and feel her properties
  7. Allow yourself to fall in love with your crystal
  8. Once you are familiar with your crystals, you can use them to help you set and achieve your intentions with the movement of the moon and the earth.

    These are all valuable lessons you can learn more about in my Spiritual Toolbox Course which focuses on how to expand your spiritual knowledge.

    I am excited to show you how crystals will enhance your day-to-day life on earth and bring much-needed magic into your already beautiful existence in this lifetime.



Rose Quartz is one of my favourites. This magical stone opens your heart and inspires love; it fills a space with infinite love and peace. Most of us desire this; therefore, it is the crystal I most recommend you have in work and home spaces. Invite peace and love in your life, allowing your energy to be charged with these beautiful emotions.

I highly recommend having some Black Tourmaline in your workspace in this modern world of cell phones and computers. Give this powerful stone the job of clearing your space of electromagnetic smog and act as an energy neutralizer. You will be thankful for the clarity and for stopping the drain on your energy. Do yourself a favour by embracing Black Tourmaline into your world.



The best thing to do when searching for a crystal is to follow the crystals that speak to you. Browse a store that stocks high-quality crystals and see where your intuition leads you. You will no doubt be attracted to different ones in the store as their beauty and sex appeal is undeniable – I mean, I’ve even gasped at times in the presence of their sheer exquisite beauty.

You will gravitate to the crystals that you need at that moment to help you move forward, so pay close attention to the vibration you are feeling and the natural pull – it will tell you everything you need to know.


Lisa Lajoie is a celebrated Master Intuitive, Business Strategist and Spiritual Coach. Lisa assists seekers of consciousness, high-performing Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders to reach their highest potential with her proven methods, courses, and tools in the Spiritual Toolbox. Lisa is a sought-after Speaker, Coach, and Mastermind teacher. Working with Lisa will allow you to open yourself up to understand what a truly unique and beautiful being you are.


Lisa LaJoie

Lisa LaJoie is a highly sought-after Master Intuitive for Entrepreneurs and CEO’s who want intuitive guidance to solve complex business problems and accelerate their success. Lisa guides her clients to help them receive wisdom and opportunities to live their lives with clarity, purpose and abundance.

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