Three Powerful Steps To Set Your Yearly Intentions

Jan 8, 2022 | Spiritual Life

Written by Lisa LaJoie

Many of my spiritual entrepreneur friends and clients are going through a tremendous upheaval with all that has come to pass in 2021. It is important that we understand that there are many energetic changes happening right now; we are now having an opening for change.

Many of you are still ending the stuff that you recognized was not working for you in this last year and you are trying to step into your empowerment this year. To help you ease through this time, I have 3 powerful steps you can take to set your 2022 intentions.

Step 1: Evaluate where you have been and all the lessons learned.

Show yourself some gratitude and love by exploring where you have been. Did you accomplish your goals? Be honest with yourself, do not judge, simply write down where you were last year, what you tried to create, what worked and what did not work. Let yourself see the truth.

Celebrate yourself and celebrate your wins.

Observe and embrace your failures.

Do not worry about it. You have a lifetime to accomplish the goals that you have and most of us entrepreneurs have to try several times before we bang out some success. Often we are trying to find our way through navigating all the challenges and things we have to surrender to.

If you are a spiritual based entrepreneur then you are going to experience the energy that is pounding down onto us from the energetic opportunities and possibilities that are pressuring us into seeing the more that we are. It is going to feel like a squeeze, but it is all in the name of expansion.

So just relax, do this first step, write everything down and read what you see.

Step 2: Write down what is it that you might want to create this year.

What would mean a lot to you?

How can you step into that place of creation?

What do you want to make happen?

What will make you happy?

The #3 year is about what will make you happy. It is about opening and observing yourself as a person that is trying to manifest joy into their life and manifest more expanded and heartfelt experiences, even in your business.

A lot of entrepreneurs are not necessarily aligned with feeling fulfilled. There is so much to do in your business, but if you allow yourself to dig in to what excites you and what you really want to build, you will start a chain reaction from inside and you will see a world of difference in your experience.

Have a truth talk with yourself, write things out like:

“This is what I would like to make happen..”.

“This is what I would really love to accomplish this year…”

“This is what I wish would pop open and manifest in my life…”

“This is what I wish would occur…”

Let yourself have some creative dream time, see what comes up and relax into that. I definitely recommend you start looking at where you might need a little a bit of support as well and say to yourself, “OK, if I want to find more happiness, what are the people, places and things in my life that might need to change to support me in being in alignment with what I want to make happen?”

Create a little checklist. Maybe you need some support from your family, maybe you need more time, maybe you need an assistant or an administrator or a program online. Or you may needs things that you do not have right now like more organization, as an example. Whatever it is, allow yourself to write it down.

You may also have some ideas of what you need that you have not been able to give yourself permission to have to build the business that you really want.

Let those things come up and let the dreams start opening up. Relax into that.

Step 3: Start to affirm your intentions.

Begin by creating a plan, an intention setting process.

“Here is what I want to intend…”

“Here is what I really want to make happen…”

“Is this the right thing for me at this time?”

“Will this make me really happy?”

“Is it time for me to accomplish these goals and these intentions that I have had for a long time?”

Use your ability to intention set and ask the questions through universal guidance. Listen to your intuition, ask the universe to give you signs and signals about what you are planning on doing and see what comes up. Ask your inner core self. Let yourself have a truth moment as you explore what possibilities you want to open up for yourself. Write everything down and let yourself dream big.

This time is really about anchoring in where you were, where you are and where you want to go. Do not worry about getting it all done in five minutes, allow yourself to dream, expand and open your creative access points inside.

Open to the universe, open to yourself. Listening to the guidance that wants to come through from you sitting with it, writing it down and seeing where you go from there.

Here we go! Let us begin the journey!

Take your time, get your piece of paper and start this exercise as soon as you can.

Please feel free to send any questions or comments; I love hearing where you guys are at and what is going on with you. Take yourself, your needs and your need to receive and start by asking for the support that you need.

I look forward to serving you soon! Have an amazing day and know that somebody has your back and somebody is supporting you.

Sending you total love and support, Lisa

Lisa LaJoie

Lisa LaJoie is a highly sought-after Master Intuitive for Entrepreneurs and CEO’s who want intuitive guidance to solve complex business problems and accelerate their success. Lisa guides her clients to help them receive wisdom and opportunities to live their lives with clarity, purpose and abundance.

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