Finding Rituals For Your Success

Apr 21, 2022 | Intuitive Intelligence

Written by Lisa LaJoie


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You’re here! Thank you for coming to this space. Your energy is powerful. Getting curious about energy and ritual is the first step to unlocking high-performance practices and trusted inner guidance, so WELCOME, and thank you for your bravery in getting started. 

As a star performer, you are constantly looking to better yourself and reach new heights. We applaud your efforts!  As a powerful empath, you may not realize that you are absorbing from around you and being influenced by the thoughts and feelings of others. This is dangerous and limiting for you. If you don’t recognize and release the excess energy, it can become a toxic experience for your heart and mind. Let’s discuss how to identify and remove unwanted energies through ritual.



As a high achiever, you’ve likely gone to a conference with a motivational speaker like Tony Robbins or taken training with a powerful mentor. When you are in their presence, their energetic force is so powerful you may feel stronger than ever before. You think this way because you are connecting to their forceful high level of energy and feel like it’s yours also.

With empaths like you, being close to someone like Tony can make you believe his energy is yours or that you have the same willful power as he does. If you do not fully understand this and are not taught the tools to access and navigate your energetic authority, by the time the conference ends and you are back in your own life, you will wonder why you lost momentum and feel emptied of this power.



One powerful way to illuminate your Soul connection is to engage in the act of ritual. A ritual is a ceremony designed to ignite love and desire in yourself, consisting of repeated actions performed in a specific order. To reach your highest potential, you must discover how to ignite the passion inside you using your own energy.

Once you discover which ritual(s) light you up, you can deepen your connection and understanding with a daily practice. As you go deeper, a powerful inner knowing will begin to emerge, and you will have the confidence to thrive in business and life as you will trust your guidance and your ability to manifest in your energetic way.

This newly developed trust allows you to be braver and bolder than you have ever been. My Spiritual Toolbox course was created for this reason. Taking the introductory course enables you to learn the basics of powerful rituals connecting you to the one that speaks directly to your Soul.  



Modern urban spirituality will have you believe the law of attraction is about meditating one or two times, asking the universe for the gifts you seek, and they will be handed to you on a silver platter. Let’s be honest. It is not that simple, nor should it be.

Look I say this all the time The Universe is not your bitch and The law of attraction is not about your demands being met – this universal law is governed by something far more significant than your human brain and earthly human desires, but that’s for another blog.

This is about you opening yourself up to the truth about if you are ready to receive what you are asking for because you are the person who can receive it. There’s a lot of time, energy, and layers that go into manifesting through meaningful spiritual practice. 

Understanding your energy and soul purpose begins with a commitment to ritual. As a high achiever, you know that you need a rinse and repeat system to achieve your desired results.

Ritual is the practice and your right of passage leading to your true self and your true heart. To properly engage in the gifts and messages the universe holds, you must practice daily habits to deepen your connection to the magic around you.

I guide my students to the rituals that work for them to develop and deepen the bond they seek. With years of experience helping others, I understand the power that your energy holds and how to get you to step into your own power while maintaining solid momentum

“Ritual, in my definition, is the penetrating act of love between you, your Soul, and the universe. It is how you dance with the universe based on shared passions and love and how you offer your devotion.” ~Lisa

If you begin working with me, you will learn the powerful ritual of:

  • Understanding and choosing energetic protectors such as crystals
  • Clearing your field with sage and incense
  • Benefits of meditation
  • Tapping Into Your Intuition
  • Learning to say NO is an act of self-love.
  • Hacks for the Empath.
  • Full Moon Gifts



The path to embracing ritual involves a deep devotion to your Soul self, the universe, and yourself as a human. It has to be something that brings passion and desire to your heart.

You begin to open yourself up and recognize the new energetic patterns manifesting into a flow and reality that resonates with you by committing to a daily routine.

You may find multiple rituals serve you as you grow soul-fully. Focus on the practice(s) that allows you to learn and explore your energetic force.  

Committing to creating and developing a relationship with the universe is how you learn to listen and interpret the signs and gifts that she offers. The universe will help guide you through your decisions and provide a soft place to land when times are tough. However, you can’t instantly get what you are asking for. It is a constant and gentle exchange of energy.  



My hope is you discover ways in which you connect and freestyle with the universe. You satisfy your desire to create love and abundance practices that manifest higher levels of vibration and an increase in illumination. You will experience this because you understand how to connect with the universe from the inside.

When we are devoted, your time spent engaged in ritual is non-negotiable. It will become something you love in your life, and honestly, would you let anything stand in your way of connecting to a great love?

Once you commit fully by carving out non-negotiable time in your day to practice the rituals you love, you will begin to reap the rewards, and your love affair with the Universe and your Soul will deepen.

When done with purpose and intention, adopting rituals into your life will soothe you and give you an abundance of inner strength.  

We will continue this conversation in my future podcasts and blogs. In the meantime let us know what rituals you practice that make a difference for you.

Intuitively yours,



Curious to explore more? Connect with Lisa today! Lisa meets her clients where they are in their journey and walks through the steps to embrace ritual together. Lisa Lajoie is a celebrated Business Intuitive and High-Performance Coach. Lisa assists high-performing Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders to reach their highest potential with her proven methods. Lisa is a sought-after Speaker, Coach, and Mastermind teacher. 




Lisa LaJoie

Lisa LaJoie is a highly sought-after Master Intuitive for Entrepreneurs and CEO’s who want intuitive guidance to solve complex business problems and accelerate their success. Lisa guides her clients to help them receive wisdom and opportunities to live their lives with clarity, purpose and abundance.

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