Rituals To Fuel Manifestation

May 5, 2022 | Intuitive Intelligence

Written by Lisa LaJoie


Participating in spiritual rituals is both soothing and sensual – trust me, you want to experience what this feels like! The shivers of your soul running through all of you is deeply magical.

As you embrace the repetitive motions of rituals and deepen your self-empowerment practices, the meaning and purpose of your life will open up and seep into your everyday life. Rituals for the self and SOUL create a natural unblocking of stuck energy and bring you unwavering clarity to make decisions in your life.

By surrendering to the art of consistency, you create energetic momentum that you did not know was available to you, and you will fall in love with these rituals that genuinely speak to your spirit and Soul and manifest the results you seek in your life. 



If you’ve been through any of my Spiritual Courses, you know the importance of creating consistency in your devotion. My SOUL calling and purpose is to help people rise to their greatest potential by connecting to spiritual selves. To practice sacred rituals that open you up to your Soul and your intuition help illuminate you from the inside.  This is key to manifesting at a higher level in the quantum field.

There are many ways to begin, such as simply working with crystals, grounding exercises to anchor yourself, guided meditations that connect you or relax you, using incense to cleanse yourself and your environment, following and using the moon’s cycles to create intentions, or beginning to understand and incorporate manifestation technics specific to you. You get to choose as many rituals as you desire that feed your growth and ignite inner soul power.

As you deepen your practice and get to know your spiritual needs, your energy will shift and change, giving you unbelievable power to trust your decisions intuitively. Those around you will notice a difference in your energetic field and may even comment on their observed changes. This is a great way to validate how you are unfolding.

To grow, we must change in order to thrive. We must take those that lift us with us and leave those that drag us down behind. To reach unstoppable heights, you must constantly evolve spiritually and energetically and trust you are growing into a more powerful version of yourself. Ritual helps you discover and steady what you were put on Earth to accomplish. Knowing and trusting your path is the key to unlimited success. This is how you become UNSTOPPABLE!  



As you open yourself up to the rhythm of a ritual, you begin to crave the exciting new energies it brings to your life. The repetition allows you to get a rush of excitement with the practice, the incredible results, and the seductive act of getting to know yourself by opening up layers of consciousness and self. 

I recommend learning with an experienced expert as it is the safest and most innovative way to get results easily. It’s essential for you to be safe when opening yourself up and tapping into your higher being. There is a deep vulnerability to this self-work and energy upgrading, and you need to protect yourself on all levels. Having a mentor creates safety, as we will let you know how to tap into your higher being and close it off when necessary.

All this work will be so rewarding! 

As an a-type soul, you are a top performer in your life, and by implementing new ways of being through ritual, you will be able to reach measurable new heights and achievements. The deeper knowing you gain enhances your life experience by opening doors energetically, allowing you to understand yourself and your place in the universe. Knowing where you are supposed to be will give you the confidence to pursue and achieve your deepest desires. Having a rooted connection to the universe and Mother Earth becomes an extraordinary feeling of fulfillment.



Knowing you can tap into a power that opens an unbreakable connection to your subconscious and superconscious self is the sexiest thing on the planet!

Your mind is powerful. 

Knowing how to create by working with it is a heck of a ride!

This work enables you to feel, sense, and know you are part of a bigger plan and experience how the universe will hold you steady and walk with you as you work to achieve that plan. You can feel guided as you strive to be the best. 

It’s ok to admit that you can only take yourself so far with what you know in the present moment and that you will need tools, mental strength, and deep self-love to carry you to the next level.

Once you decide to implement deep practices of devotion, you will support your true self.  You as a human being and your Soul can unite as an unstoppable force, becoming who you are truly meant to be – and beyond! There is no denying it. The acceptance that you are part of something bigger opens your mind to infinite possibilities.

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When you experience the positive results that ritual and energetic source offers you, you will become protective and dedicated to your rituals. You won’t let anything, or anyone, get between you and the magical experiences that bring measurable differences to your life. I can’t wait to see you again and continue your unstoppable journey to greatness. 

Soulfully Yours,



Lisa LaJoie

Lisa LaJoie is a highly sought-after Master Intuitive for Entrepreneurs and CEO’s who want intuitive guidance to solve complex business problems and accelerate their success. Lisa guides her clients to help them receive wisdom and opportunities to live their lives with clarity, purpose and abundance.

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