Your Energy IS your Superpower

May 19, 2022 | Intuitive Intelligence

Written by Lisa LaJoie

Understanding your Energy IS your Superpower 

You have a superpower that lives inside you – your energy! Your energy is so powerful it sends you messages to help you make decisions and pursue relationships to enhance your life in beautiful and meaningful ways. Trusting the messages and sensations from the power within allows you to feel what’s around you with such precision you’ll be guided to stand firm in your decisions and have the confidence to build a life you love.    


You and Your Energy are Bound for Life

You were born knowing, feeling, and sensing energy all around you. This amazing gift is part of a built-in system, and it’s natural for us all. Getting to know and trust your energy results from building a relationship with this incredible power you hold. It has been there as a guide and friend waiting for you to listen and follow the undeniable feelings.


To become familiar enough to trust the messages you receive is achieved through practice, acceptance, and a mindset that believes this part of you is natural. Allowing yourself the space to make mistakes and keep trying is also part of the process. The more you tap into your energy, the stronger your relationship will become, and you will begin to unlock the guidance you need to navigate complex decisions. Give yourself permission to listen and be guided to where you are meant to be – which often isn’t where you thought you were going. 


Separating Your Energy from Others

As an empath, you are constantly feeling and absorbing the energy of others. It is a beautiful gift, but it is vital to be able to decipher the messages that are meant to guide and help you versus picking up on the energy of others.  You need to know how to read your own energy, independent from others, to connect with people and situations that best serve you.  This is how you achieve your highest potential! Use your energy to guide you to the people that will lift you and cheer you on instead of those that will drag you down.


Connecting to others that are a good energetic match, by trusting the pull you feel towards someone before you have spoken one word to each other, will propel you forward in your career and your relationships. Equally, if you are repelled by someone allow yourself to disengage immediately shutting down negative situations quickly without wasting time trying to force a relationship that will never lift you up. This skill alone will give you the freedom to excel in your business and your life as you will be able to work with the right clients, hire the right people, invest in the best relationships, and walk confidently towards your success.


Realizing Your Amazing Power Within

You are a powerful being, and I never want you to forget that. Energy comes from you connecting you to the Divine, your Soul, and your higher self which are sending you messages all the time. Doing this work will change your life in so many ways. As you develop and change, you will get closer to becoming the person you were put on Earth to be. 

It is essential to understand that your energy is happening with you and not at you. It is there to help guide and give you all the power you need to excel in life. Trusting your energy is a freedom to follow the things that will bring you closer and closer to your true calling by slowly eliminating negativity and distractions.

You are on Earth for a specific reason. Understanding your energy, energy field, the energy around you, and how to work with your vibration to attract the things you desire will set the transformation you seek in motion. I always feel honoured when I get to take powerful people like you on this incredible journey to understanding and trusting the sensations and feelings your energy sends you.

You did not land on this page by accident. Something inside you is seeking a higher understanding of self to be able to flourish in the way you are intended. Once you have the knowledge, you can unequivocally move forward with conviction. I can’t wait to open your eyes and watch you soar.


I have goosebumps just thinking about it! 

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Lisa LaJoie

Lisa LaJoie is a highly sought-after Master Intuitive for Entrepreneurs and CEO’s who want intuitive guidance to solve complex business problems and accelerate their success. Lisa guides her clients to help them receive wisdom and opportunities to live their lives with clarity, purpose and abundance.

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